S.I.E proposes to bring people "one step closer" to the immensity of the physical reality, perceived through the limits of human knowledge, via experiential and immersive installations.


Through our work we aim to transcend the boundaries separating the 􏰃fields of art and science


We use science to gain knowledge, through observation and experimentation


We use it to produce live electroacoustic-audiovisual open source instrument(s)

our ingredients

What are our ingredients?


We use sound as a tool for immersion, reactivity and interaction, since it is able to create surrounding, interactive and reactive experiences for the user(s). We create sound in n-dimensional format.


We understand the visual as a cornerstone for the sonic. A suporter of the narrative, the affective, the sinchronicities and the experiential.

Physical space

We understand space as a landscape of potential invisible data [the realm of the aesthetic dichotomy: Sublime/antiSublime].

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...or what is the theory behind the project?

Meet the Founders

“It is natural for scientists work with artists but sadly we can not see it very often”

Nir Hindi The Artian